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~I love taking pics of my cats! Have 3 beauties, Misty, Siam & Blue~ A torti, a traditional seal point siamese & a bombay, plus 2 more strays I care for!~
Torti's colors are all the same,4, but the patterns do vary. Bombay are all black w/amber eyes. Traditional sealpoints have a rounder, fuller face than other Siamese & are very verbal & friendly.

~~Cat Wallpaper~~

Aging is inevitable for all of us, but with loving care and close monitoring of your kitty's condition and his comfort level, you can both enjoy his golden years for many years to come. (Last of a three-part series on nurturing your senior cat. http://cats.about.com/library/weekly/aa120600a.htm Cats have a third eyelid that we humans lack. This eyelid is an opaque delicate film, known as the nictitating membrane. The third eyelid is not visible in healthy cats. When it does show, this usually means that the cat is ill. The medical problem associated with the protrusion of the third eyelid can be an injury or a disease of the eye itself. Yet, the protrusion can also indicate a general condition such as dehydration or a disease. That is why you should consult your vet if you notice a protrusion of your cat's third eyelid..
~This is our male Bombay, BLUE~
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